LED Dance Show is the integration of dance, music, lights and technology. We offer LEDance performance in a variety of events such as dance shows, parties, weddings and annual dinners. Providing unbelievably exciting performance in the dark for your special day.

LED Ladies

LED Ladies is a brand new creation combining jazz funk and LED lighting effects. Apart from bringing the audience a technological performance, it also demonstrates the feminine body movements as well as the elegant dance steps.

LED Lion Dance

Crossover and interact with different parties always creating something unique and impressive. By infusing the modern technology into the traditional lion dance to create exhilarating stage shows and bring good luck and fortune in such a special form.

Mapping Dance

Fusing the animation with LED Dance is the ultimate choice for futuristic entertainment.
Watch as this incredible 3D dance show incorporates dance with mapping to create a highly interactive performance that is guaranteed to astound audiences.


Creative director and choreographer of TeamLED, has been training abroad, sharing his passion for dance to different countries such as Los Angeles, Singapore, Japan, China. He has been choreographed and directed art performances for more than 10 years. His ultimate experience and passion make his ability to have large varieties of creations and produce wonderful performances.

LED Projects

Our engineering team designs and produces LED decoration and LED interactive project,varies of lighting devices strengthen the effect of the futuristic atmosphere.

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